Representing Clients Throughout California


Dr. Sawyer has been caring for patients since starting surgical internship at the University of California where he served as the Chief Surgical Resident before starting a private practice in Santa Rosa. He is now carrying that experience into the practice of law.



Surgical and legal knowledge combined give Dr. Sawyer the ultimate advantage in Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury cases. Experience as a trauma and vascular surgeon make Dr. Sawyer indispensable to your claim.



We represent clients throughout California and we have access to leading medical experts to assist in your case. Our expertise will help us to evaluate your case and provide answers specific to your situation.

As an experienced and practicing surgeon, Dr. Russell Sawyer has access to some of the most highly regarded and respected experts in medicine who will help secure your just compensation. Defense lawyers desire nothing less than to face an attorney who fully understands surgery, medicine, medical training, and who can immediately cut to the core of a malpractice case and refute the testimony of opposing experts.

We are positioned to uncover the truth about your injuries and their cause. We know the ins and outs of medical records and can readily ascertain a truthful analysis. Dr. Sawyer’s experience as a surgeon brings instant credibility amongst clients, witnesses, and most importantly with opposing defense attorneys.

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