Cerebral Palsy – Building a Strong Claim

When the doctor tells you that your child has Cerebral Palsy (CP), many questions arise. How did this happen? What does it mean for my child? How do I ensure that my child receives that long-term care and support he/she needs?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a general term that refers to brain damage resulting in loss of motor control.  It may occur as a result of lack of blood/oxygen delivery at the time of pregnancy, labor, or childbirth. The hallmark symptoms include:

  • Loss of fine motor skills
  • Muscle spasticity (stiffness)
  • Limp or floppy muscles
  • Lack of muscle coordination
  • Seizures

While in some instances the damage could not have been prevented, in others, the child’s suffering was completely avoidable, such as when a doctor fails to treat a maternal infection during pregnancy or fails to recognize fetal distress during labor and childbirth. These examples of medical malpractice are cases in which The Law Offices of Dr. Russell W. Sawyer will hold those responsible, accountable for medical negligence.

If your child is living with CP, it is important to determine if there are sources to provide compensation that will allow you to care for your child properly. We will work with economic and life care consultants to determine the full extent of your child’s suffering and the impact that your child’s CP diagnosis will have on the entire family.

Dr. Sawyer has the medical expertise to evaluate and try to provide some answers after a thorough review of your case. Because of our understanding of Law, Medicine and the Health Care System, we may be able to look for compensation on your behalf.  We have access to leading medical experts to assist in your recovery and treatment.

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