Spinal Cord & Back Injuries – Building a Strong Claim

When a spinal cord injury occurs, it is devastating and changes the person’s life forever.  This is because this type of injury generally has a sudden onset and is irreversible.  This has a profound effect, not just on the person, but on their entire family. 

Who will pay for the immediate medical care? What about the person’s lost wages? Will they need changes to their home or extra equipment to manage their new life? These issues can lead to many physical, psychological and obviously, financial hardships as they adapt to leading a fulfilled and productive life with a spinal cord injury.

Dr. Sawyer has been personally touched by spinal cord injury as his mother became a paraplegic quite late in life. With that experience, he is committed to supporting victims of spinal cord and back injuries.

The Law Offices of Dr. Russell W. Sawyer will work to ensure that the negligent party who caused the injury is held accountable. With his personal and professional knowledge of spinal cord injuries, he will work to ensure that you receive fair and adequate compensation to cover the costs of current and future care, loss of income, and suffering due to personal hardships. Working with rehab specialists, economists and other professionals, we will assess and document needs that could include:

  • Nursing care
  • In home attendants
  • Medical and home equipment needs
  • Modifications to your home and vehicle
  • Psychological and/or vocational counseling
  • Damages for pain and suffering; loss of enjoyment
  • A spouse or life partner’s loss of consortium and household services

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